• Financial / M&A Communications

    To communicate financial results, an investment or an acquisition requires specific advisory and communication skills.

  • Corporate Communications

    Corporate communications plays an important role in protecting and enhancing corporate and brand reputations.

  • Spokespersonship

    Spokespersonship does not start with the actual delivery of the message to the journalist. Preparations start much earlier.

  • Issues & Crisis Management

    If companies publicly communicate about issues or a crisis well, it protects them from further damaging their reputation.

  • Media Relations

    Companies that are used to only react to media enquiries start to see the benefits of communicating pro-actively and design a structured program.

  • Media Training, Messaging & Positioning

    There are many types of media training. I always have received very good feedback about an effective training which combines media management skills with Message House building.

  • Social Media and Content Management

    Content Management looks at how all earned, paid and owned communication channels are coordinated, for communication with different stakeholder target groups has to be in agreement.

  • Marketing / Brand PR

    Sponsorships of sports events, films or concerts are often a significant marketing investment for a company and therefore brands should aim for the support of a well organized unpaid PR program. 

Financial and Strategic Communications

Financial and Strategic Communications

Many influences may have an impact on a company’s reputation and a share price.
Véronique Schyns advises companies how to communicate effectively with the international and local financial and business media, one of the critical audiences that influence the investors community.

Not only public companies, but also private companies need to communicate consistently their corporate visions, goals, growth strategy, results and achievements to the financial media, as communicating the corporate story will help them to build their reputation and distinguish themselves from competitors.

Whether the aim is to support international expansion or increase interest from potential business partners or investors, their future company value also depends on how strong their reputation is.




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